• grass-fed & grass-finished cows graze a pasture

    Organic, Grass-Fed, Pasture-Raised Beef

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Beef Raised with LOVE, Delivered to Your Door

Since 1945 our family has been farming cattle on 1,200 acres of pristine land in Kansas. Respect for the soil, a diet of beautiful grasses & greens, and rotational grazing makes our holistic grass-fed & grass-finished beef the most exceptional beef you've ever tasted.

Our holistic farming philosophy makes our grass-fed beef unique. Lively soil, nutrient-dense grasses & greens, cattle happiness, and regenerative farming all lead to a superior beef on your table. Spectacular rich flavor with a negative carbon footprint.


Our Mission for Your Family
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NOT In Our Beef

We raise our beef to the highest standards. Our organic, grass-fed, grass-finished, pasture-raised beef is free of all the nasty stuff. No hormones, No grain, No antibiotics, No GMO, No pesticides, No herbicides.

Gorgeous Grass Creates Superior Beef

Sustainable Beef That's Carbon Negative

Fraction of a Cow



Roasts & Ribs



Grass-Fed Beef from Stigge Family in Kansas

We're the Stigge family. When you buy our  holistic grass-fed & grass-finished beef, you get beef directly from our farm. We raise the cattle. We grow all the grasses & greens the cattle eat (free of fertilizers and nasty "-cides"). We drive the cattle to our USDA certified processor. 


Incredible Flavor

The variety of greens give our holistic grass-fed beef a beautiful flavor. Juiciness with a hint of sweet. Buttery and rich. Higher Omega-3s and beneficial biochemicals than other grain and grass-fed beef. 

I love cooking burgers and steak, and I'm trying to reduce my footprint a bit. This is it! The flavor is divine! Worth a little premium for the taste... and the planet.

Francis D. - Colorado

Just got my first order and the meat is absolutely amazing! I will definitely be buying again.

Amy Y. - Ohio

Got my first order of S3 Meat yesterday, delivered directly by the Stigge's. Thank you Kathryn and John! BEST beef I have tasted in years! Friendly and honest, good price, fantastic flavor - thank you!

Tracy C. - Missouri

I got my first delivery yesterday and made burgers and they were SO good!!! Now I need to clear out room in my freezer so I can make a bigger order next time!

Heidi W. - Nebraska

Hands down, the BEST beef that we have ever tasted. It really is so flavorful! The family is just as sweet and kind as can be and they provide excellent customer service. We love the values of the company and how they respect the animals, the land, and the environment. We are now customers for life.

Eloisa S. - Kansas