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    Holistic Grass-Fed Beef

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Holistic Grass-Fed Beef

Gorgeous Cuts. Farm-Direct.

Rotational Grazing. Carbon Negative.

Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Beef

Grass-Fed Beef Delivered to Your Door

Since 1945 our family has been farming cattle on 1,200 acres of pristine land in Kansas. Respect for the soil, a diet of beautiful grasses & greens, and rotational grazing makes our holistic grass-fed & finished beef the most exceptional beef you've ever tasted.

Our farming philosophy makes our grass-fed beef holistic. Lively soil, nutrient-dense grasses & greens, cattle happiness, and regenerative farming all lead to a superior beef on your table. Spectacular flavor with a negative carbon footprint.


Gorgeous Grass Creates Superior Beef

Sustainable Beef That's Carbon Negative


Fraction of Beef


Roasts & Ribs



Grass-Fed Beef from Stigge Farms in Kansas

We're the Stigge family. When you buy our  holistic grass-fed and finished beef, you get beef directly from our farm. We raise the cattle. We grow all the grasses & greens the cattle eat (free of fertilizers and "-cides"). We drive the cattle to our USDA certified processor. 


Incredible Flavor

The variety of greens give our holistic grass-fed beef a beautiful flavor. Juiciness with a hint of sweet. Buttery and rich. Higher Omega-3s and beneficial biochemicals than other grain and grass-fed beef. 

I love cooking burgers and steak...and I'm trying to reduce my footprint a bit. S3's holistic beef is EXACTLY what I was looking for. The flavor is absolutely divine! Worth the premium for the taste... and the planet.

Francis Donovan - Golden, CO