Our Cover Crop Fed Beef is healthy for the planet, soil, and most importantly you. Cover Crop Fed Beef is higher in Omega 3s than other beef while tasting insanely delicious. Below are the Nutrition Facts for our various cuts of beef. We are in the process of getting more cuts nutritionally analyzed, verified, and authenticated by the USDA. In the meantime, we've posted Nutrition Facts for general Grass Fed beef for your convenience. 

Sirloin Steak

Source: S3 Meats Complete Nutritional Analysis

S3 Meats Cover Crop Fed Beef Nutrition Facts

NY Strip Steak - grass-fed beef

Source: USDA

grass-fed ny strip steak nutrition facts label

Ribeye Steak - grass-fed beef

Source: Nutritionix

grass-fed ribeye steak nutrition facts label

Tenderloin Filet Steak - grass-fed beef

Source: Nutritionx

grass-fed tenderloin filet steak nutrition facts label